The Reasons Why Casinos Are Recording High Profits Annually

Gambling is quite profitable if you think about it. We all hear of the “good news” of someone hitting the slots and picking up a fat wad of dollars overnight, mouthing off that they know exactly when to stop. It is at this point that one wonders if casinos make profits when everyone picks up their wad of cash at least once in three days. It is an interesting topic to think of, but the truth is, without a doubt, casinos are very profitable.

In this article, you will find out how and why casinos are recording high turnovers annually. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Casinos Are Making More Money Each Year

Each year, the casino industry as you will see on this website continues to make more money than any other industry in the United States and, to a good measure, abroad. In 2023 alone, the casino industry hit a staggering 150 billion US dollars and is poised to go beyond 190 million in the next five years.

Gambling does not look like reducing any time soon, and despite the high level of inflation, increasing crime rates, and more households falling below the median line every day, casinos continue to rake in cash. Here is why this is happening:

  • The casino never loses

It is a popular cliché that human beings settle into patterns that offer the best chance of winning while avoiding the other less profitable chances. However, this is not so for the gambler. In gambling, it is recorded that players put in more money when they are losing. For some reason, some players put in more money without actually winning anything. Why does this happen, though?

The most likely explanation is that gamblers think they win more than they lose for some weird reason. Every single gambler you mean speaks of glory days, many of which have never seen a glory day. It is common to hear sentences like, “My luck is turning the corner” and “I’m on a hot streak,” and never actually win anything.  While this is a dilemma for the gamblers and their dependents, for the casino, their hot streak never goes cold.


Gamblers never seem to understand that winning is unpredictable, and more so because of the casino’s machinery put in place to reduce it.

  • Near misses and wins.

Another reason why casinos turn profits annually stems from players winning a few games that are, in effect, false dawns. For instance, a player winning twice out of five times believes their luck is going to turn sooner or later. They then proceed to increase their wagers, losing all and thinking of a better next time.  This builds a mentality of “missed by not much” and believing that “not much” will somehow convert to wins.

In fact, the more losses with few “near wins” in between, the increase in excitement and a firmer decision to put in more money. Meanwhile, the casino receives all this “near miss” money.

Almost winning and actually winning are not exactly two different scenarios in gamblers’ books. A recent research highlighted that the manner of dopamine transmission following reward and anticipation are quite similar for wins and near misses. Some games such as blackjack, after all, give a feeling of “nearly winning” when the number gotten is close to a winning number.

Another example of near misses is modern slot machines, which offer numerous scenarios that appear to show wins but are really not wins.

  • Slot confusion

Ever since slots machines have transitioned from the conventional 3-reel 1-line slot machine to the all-new 5-reel video slot, featuring over twenty-five winning lines, near-miss outcomes have become more synonymous with wins than with losses, for some reason best known to gamblers, gamblers’ brains, and gambling researchers.

By cheering individuals to wager on more than the expected one line, casinos have somewhat created a situation where players get a “win” after every spin.

While this looks and feels like winning is more profitable, the actual proportion of money refunded is usually far lesser than the whole bet. For instance, a player will win 50 cents on a one-dollar bet. The sound effects and VFX accompanied by the win are just the same as when a win actually happens.


With all of these effects, who wouldn’t feel different and special? After all, you just won something, yeah? In the real sense of it, the player practically just lost money, and they are probably on their way to losing more money. After all, most of these games have replaced standard jackpots.

Is this legal? No. No laws are being broken anyways.


Winning is real, but more real is losing and getting broke or bankrupt. But that’s not the reality of the casinos. More money enters the coffers each day, and much more is on its way. It is a business, and it is profitable – the stats tell us that much.