What Gamers Must to do to Constantly Rank Progress in Rainbow Six Siege

R6 is one of the most famous e-sports shooters about the confrontation between special forces and terrorists, and what made it popular was its advanced destruction system, which allows you to break and damage literally all the details of the game map that players will come across.

The ranking system plays an important role in such games, because R6 boosting will allow you to play against interesting and worthy opponents and, in principle, always play against equals, and not weaker or stronger ones.

To increase your rating, you need to not only try to win matches, but also produce good statistics in each match from kills and helping your allies, make sure that there are no less kills than deaths, otherwise you will risk losing your rank in Rainbow Six Siege.

What Skills and Specializations will Help you Win Rounds and Matches More Often and Increase your Rank?


In any shooter, shooting and its accuracy are important, because no matter how much of a tactical and strategic genius you are, if you don’t hit and kill your opponents, it’s worthless.

You need to master three types of shooting that are present in all games and apply depending on the situation. These are universal methods of combat that not all players will be able to immediately master due to the high emotional pressure during matches and the rapid change in dynamics, which sometimes do not allow them to act rationally.

  1. Shooting one cartridge at a time

This type of combat is also called vantap. This is when the player spends one bullet to kill an enemy. This execution requires good skills and is often used at long distances and when the battle is just beginning, because each player will have several attempts to hit and kill the enemy beautifully and in the future the battle will move into a more dynamic phase.

  1. Shooting three or four rounds

This is a unique type of shooting where the player himself controls how many rounds will be fired. Balance is important here when you start shooting and release the trigger at the right moment in order to release a striking amount of cartridges that can kill any enemy and at the same time preventing scattering and the sight moving upward.

With this type of shooting, you don’t need to aim at the head – you just need to aim the sight at the level of the neck, and then each of the bullets will fly a little higher and a little lower, catching the head, neck, and torso.

It is important not to overdo it and not allow the release of a large number of cartridges, which will simply throw off the sight and reduce the accuracy of your shooting.

  1. Automatic shooting type

This is a more uncontrolled way to fire at enemies, which still needs to be held and sprayed by lowering the sight.


This is the worst scenario for combat due to poor accuracy and high ammo consumption.

You can only shoot this way if the enemy is too close to you, or is hiding behind cover, and you want to destroy most of the map in order to find the enemy and destroy him directly, or by shooting through weak zones.

Understanding Assault Techniques

When playing as the attacking side, that is, as the police special forces, who must enter the building and destroy terrorists or defuse a bomb using a diffuser, you need to understand your main advantages.

Firstly, in ranked games that determine your rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege, there is only a bomb defusing mode, which means that you can have several assault scenarios:

  1. Deceptive maneuver – reconnoiter the territory and pretend that you are attacking in one place while you concentrate your efforts in another place and immediately go to the bomb installation point after the enemies have moved.
  2. Aggressive and fast assault – You do not spend a lot of energy on reconnaissance of the territory and immediately attack the bomb installation zone from several sides. Often this is a window, roof and doors, but you can always break through a wall. It is extremely important to act quickly, because the enemies will distribute their forces throughout the entire territory and by the time they understand what has happened and reach out to help, you will already have time to occupy the point and install a diffuser to start clearing the mines. These rounds won’t always work, and you need to watch out for mines, but they are a good help for your boosting in R6.
  3. Slow assault – You can take your time starting the assault and take advantageous positions so that terrorists do not wait until the last minute to see where the attack will begin. You will also have the opportunity to destroy enemies if they themselves begin to play aggressively in order to understand your plans. If the opponents do not show themselves in any way, then start the assault at 30 seconds of the round and act quickly.

If you manage to immediately make your way to the bomb installation point, then you do not have to search for and destroy terrorists – just gain a foothold at the point, install a diffuser and repel attacks until the end of the procedure, or kill the enemies, and then you will win this round.

Understand Defensive Tactics

When you play for the terrorist side, then you need to understand the basic principles of playing defense and preparing to repel assaults, in which you can gain many rounds if you use several rules that will help your boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

  1. Strengthen

Remember that in R6 there are many mechanics for destroying a large amount of materials and fortifications to solve the objectives of the assault, and if you do not think through defensive points in advance, the enemy will simply overwhelm you with a large number of forces and joint actions, whereas you need to distribute your forces throughout the entire building to prevent enemies from acting quickly.

At the beginning of the round, you will have 10 armor slats that can be installed to strengthen certain points and zones and enemies will no longer be able to break through them with small arms and will require additional agent skills such as a sledgehammer or special explosives.

Think carefully about where you place them so that you can place them close to the bomb and at the same time reduce the number of directions the enemy can use for a simultaneous assault.

  1. Mine

These are individual skills of agents who can install special explosives, which are activated if the enemy touches the beam, but it is important to take into account that if you install it too straightforwardly, then the enemies will simply bypass it, and it is important to surprise and be cunning. For example, you can install two explosives – one obvious in the passage and one to the side, when the enemy goes around the first, he will stumble upon the second.

  1. Distribute the forces

Your main task is to control as much of the map as possible in order to understand the direction of the assault in time and pull the whole squad to the rescue, or play around the bomb.

There is no need to strengthen one position, because you may not guess the enemy’s plans, or get caught by a reconnaissance drone and then the enemy will simply select new zones for assault.


Try to take positions so that you are in cover from grenades and can cover each other during an intense assault.

If you are alone, and the entire squad of opponents comes at you, then your first task is to convey information to the others and simply survive and only then, if possible, make kills. If you die right away, the enemies will quickly advance, and your team will be in an unpleasant situation.

  1. Destroy the diffuser

If you play as a defense, you will periodically encounter the fact that opponents quickly rush to capture your point with a planted bomb, but do not kill the majority of the team. In this option, you need not only to destroy all the attacking special forces, but also to break the diffuser so that this round goes to your team and brings your Rainbow Six boosting closer.

Understand the Agent System

For both sides, players will have their own choice of agents who will have their own set of weapons and tools for battle.

There are only two criteria for choosing your agent:

  1. Weapons – take into account assault weapons, automatic weapons and even a shotgun; sometimes a good agent in terms of skills has rather poor weapons.
  2. Consider the agent’s skills – this can be mining, reconnaissance, destruction of particularly dense structures – everyone can break through most shelters, but only special agents with sledgehammers and explosives can destroy fortified barricades.
  3. Reconnaissance is an important stage of preparation for any side of the conflict, and you need to use drones to hack cameras and search for opponents to form your strategy for each round. If you do this regularly and change tactics along the way, your Rainbow Six Siege boost will progress much faster.

Conclusions on General Game Mechanics That you need to Master for Newcomers to R6

To constantly progress in a shooter like Rainbow Six, you only need to master a few key points, and then build up your skills.

Use different types of shooting and map destruction to simplify your assault or strengthen your defense.

Study agents and try different combinations so that your squad always has enough information about the plans of opponents and tools for strengthening or destroying a building, as well as mining.

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