Why Gaming Is So Profitable on Android: Industry Analysis

Android is dominating the gaming world. According to Statista, the popular operating system shares 78% of the mobile gaming audience, which is huge in comparison to the 22% held by Apple iOS. With close to half a million games to download from the Google Play Store across Google Pixel, Samsung, and other popular Android smartphones, it’s not surprising that Android is the fan-favorite platform for gaming. And because Android has become so popular, it’s enabled them to generate $48 billion annually through Google Play Store games, in-app advertisements, and microtransactions. Make no doubt about it, gaming is the most profitable niche on Android — so let’s do a deep dive into the exciting details. 

Android’s Gaming Empire

Google Play Store Games

According to Priori Data, the Google Play Store made an estimated revenue of $45.63 billion in 2023. A large amount of this revenue came directly from game purchases, like Minecraft ($6.99) and Bloons TD 6 ($6.99). Interestingly, there are lots of fast-growing genres in the Google Play Store that are also contributing to increased revenue, such as social casino apps. With any social casino app, you get to play social casino games like the ones found on the fishtablegambling.com website. This typically includes online slots, blackjack, and other popular titles, which are proving to be big hits with Android users. 

In-App Advertisements

Did you know that 97% of Google Play Store apps and games are free to download? It’s pretty crazy, especially when you consider the revenue that’s currently being generated from the store. However, it suddenly makes perfect sense when you realize that Android’s profitable gaming market makes a lot of profit via in-app advertisements.

Whenever you download a free-to-play game on Android, there’s a high chance that you’ll encounter in-app advertisements (and there have even been reported cases of Android apps loading advertisements when the screen is off).  Although these ads can be frustrating, they’re ultimately one of the main reasons why Android gets to make money while being able to provide many of its games for free. 


Over the past decade, these types of microtransactions have been a hot topic of discussion, with many critics believing that they encourage mobile users to go on reckless spending sprees. However, microtransactions are still 100% legal and allow both Android and game developers to make a healthy profit as part of the free-to-play business model.

How Android is Beating iOS in the Gaming War 

Both Android and Apple continue to make crazy profits from the games they offer. However, Android has the edge, which is demonstrated by the market share it currently holds. The reasons why Android is beating iOS include: 

●    A greater number of games and genres to pick from 

●    The Google Play Store has many popular titles that aren’t available on iOS (e.g. Fortnite) 

●    Android mobile devices are easier to customize with high-tech gaming gadgets (e.g., controllers) 

With 49% of US adults now playing video games on their smartphones at least once a week, the future is definitely bright for Android and its powerful gaming business model. Unless Apple is to adapt, no other operating system will be able to knock Android off the top of the pyramid.